21 and 23 April 2013: Run!

Mostly because I dressed in Doctor Who drag on Sunday and that’s what he says. Partially because I am debating the validity of a three-four day trip to Disney in February to run my first 5k while two of my friends do the Princess half marathon.


JCrew tissue tee, Old Navy rockstar jeans, Bebe pinstriped waistcoat, Betsey Johnson bowtie necklace, Chucks

All this time pinning my hair back to show off the purple, and it peeks through no matter what! Friday, I had a girl come to up to the desk and break off in the middle of her request to say, “Is it crazy hair day here at the library, too???” It had been at her school, but nope. I explained that I am purple every day. It blew her mind. Today I had a 5th grader walk up, tap my arm for my attention and announce, “You have purple in your hair.” Yep. Keen powers of observation, doll.

Also, I never wear this waistcoat, but I think it’s cute. Can I rock it? What should I wear it with?


Eddie Bauer top, Merona skirt, H&M cardigan, Forever 21 necklace, BoC Canty Booties

1. I thought I grabbed a grey cardigan. Man, was I tired this morning.

2. It’s freaking cold. I was actually warm when I walked to work, but that was the high of the day. It was raining when I walked home, and I was quite cold. I am still quite cold. It’s snowing.

3. I look down a lot when I walk, and every time I caught a glimpse of a leg, I thought I was wearing my cream tights. No. I am just that freaking pale.

I had a super fun Saturday off – I hit the consignment store, where they accepted some items and then I found the perfect Loft berry pink cardigan and a super cute belt, for $10 total. Then I hit the resale shop and got fabric for at least two skirts, plus spare sheets for my bed, for $5.50 total. SUPER SCORE.

I have also been on a huge smoothie kick all weekend. I am having SO MUCH FUN with it. I use frozen fruit as my add-ins, and it’s like ice cream for breakfast, only healthy! This is my new go-to breakfast, under 400 calories and keeps me full until late lunch:

1/4 c dry rolled oatmeal

1/4 c  vanilla yogurt

1.5 T milk/creamer/etc

1.5 t chia seeds

1 T peanut butter

1 frozen banana

1 T frozen spinach

Blend and eat with a spoon. Because breakfast shouldn’t be drunk!

I’ve mixed it up, using green tea, applesauce, various fruits, etc, and it’s great. All my smoothie fun pushed me to make a new Pinterest board for all the recipes and activities I’ve tried from my pins: This is Real Life (not just a fantasy).

Also, new jam in the sidebar, for Boston.


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