Summer of the Hat!

Summer of the Hat!

$180 –

Kate Spade beach hat

John lewi
$77 –


GUESS fedora hat

Joe Browns joe brown
$28 –

2b hat

Hair accessory

Sorry for the lack of postage this week – I was laid up with a migraine Wednesday, had the migraine hangover yesterday and tonight I am headed up to spend the weekend with my parents. Outfits will come! Just not today.So, Polyvore. I’ve been feeling the hat lately. I don’t know why. I pulled out my spring green felted cloche this week and I’ve been wearing it. I think I’ll be trying to rock the hat all summer – if nothing else, it should make my walk to work feel better? Especially nice big sunhats like row one.

I actually have a straw hat quite similar to row 2, hat 2 – here it is with me in New Orleans. The one next to it reminds me of Anne of Green Gables and her decorated hat. The fascinator is row 3 might not be very useful, but it is cute. A coworker and I are also determined to make hair wraps like the third in that row work for us, and stay in our hair.

I’ve already rocked a fez once, who’s to say I won’t do it again?


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