30 April 2013: Um, Spring? Come Back.

It was 85* today. I’m not complaining, but around here, that’s July. Not April. I just want spring. Some lovely 65-75* temps. That’s all.

Also, let’s talk about how idiotic I can be. Like, saying, deciding to walk to a meeting half a mile away. That’s not idiotic, that’s smart. But missing the memo and thinking it started at 1 and not 1:30? And that meaning there was no time to walk back to work, because then I’d have to turn around basically right after admitting what a stupid mistake I’d made? So I walked an extra mile and a half to kill time? And as you are about to see, I was wearing 3″ heels and wearing a leather skirt in 85* temps. Yeah. But hey, I averaged a 15 minute mile in 3″ heels, and that’s not bad at all.


Anthropologie Here and There tee, Lord and Taylor leather skirt (thrifted), ANA cardigan, Aerosole heels

And when I got there, one of the school librarians at the meeting was wearing the EXACT SAME SHIRT. I mean, seriously. What are the odds?? I admitted that there have been several documented instances where a coworker and I showed up in basically the same outfit, and I guess I am not as unique as I’d like to think. “Oh, no,” she was quick to say – “You are definitely unique.” Ha! I am not sure she meant it in a complimentary manner. But then, she was wearing the same shirt as me, so.

My dad came out to check a few things on my car, and could find nothing. He brought it to our usual mechanic, who also couldn’t find anything. That actually scares me a lot, more than it reassures me! Because something clearly went very wrong, and what happens if it happens again?? My anxiety is running hardcore.

So let’s distract with thoughts of pretty things. I found out that there’s a huge designer fashion day going on downtown Saturday, and I will be downtown on Saturday! So I’ll spend my morning with lovely clothes and my afternoon seeing Anything Goes.

Check this! I always watch the Met Gala on livestream, and this year, Moda Operandi will let you pre-order the dresses worn. Not that I can afford anything! But dreaming is free.  The Gala is Monday at 7pm ET, and it’s really a blast.

25% off at Macy’s with the code BradsDealsFF. Awesome.

Saks 5th Avenue is having a HUGE spring sale, up to 60 and 70% off. Real designer stuff from people you’ve heard of, for under $100. Totally awesome.

My new dress from Forever 21 showed up:


So cute, right? I love the back:


The skirt is banded, so it avoids the sag that so many other cutout dresses have. The side cutouts tend to fall right at the bra band, so I’m thinking I’ll try to sew lace panels in there maybe.


2 thoughts on “30 April 2013: Um, Spring? Come Back.

  1. I’ve been super busy with car trouble too. Thankfully I think mine is fixed but the mechanics had a hard time figuring out my issue too.


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