8 and 9 May 2013: Technicolor Emma Pillsbury

Yesterday’s outfit ended up a bit more technicolor than I realized, but I like it. Return of the Emma Pillsbury look.


Merona ruffle tank, Merona skirt, BP cardigan, vintage enamel pin, AngelWear necklace, Jewel headwrap, Aerosole wedges


Gap tank top, Old Navy chevron top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, vintage key necklace, Aerosole wedge sandals

A little cooler today, so a return to jeans and sandals. Love it.

I am taking tomorrow off for extra birthday fun (it’s not until Saturday) and am getting clothes ready for my pinup photo shoot. They said to bring things, plus they’ll have some. It’ll surprise no one that I have a lot of options. But I’d like to try new stuff out, so we’ll see. I realized this morning, though, that I will need to make sure to wear something vintagey after, too, to go with my hair and makeup that will still be done! Gotta think this through.


2 thoughts on “8 and 9 May 2013: Technicolor Emma Pillsbury

  1. The minty polka dotty top is awesome! Is this a recent purchase? God I hope so, need to go to Target this weekend anyways!
    Happy (early) birthday! Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live longer!


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