10, 11, 12, 13 May 2013: Lead Awareness Weekend!

Lots of pictures today. And lots of anthropologie dressing room photos coming this week, when I am more caught up! No more photo shoot sneak peeks yet, but I’ll pass them along when I can.


Coldwater Creek shirtdress, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Sketchers sandals, no makeup AUGH

Me, pre-photo shoot! I dressed retro because I knew I’d have the hair and makeup all day for lunch and shopping. And I did!


Victory rolls!! I actually love how I look with some height in front. I wonder how I can do that in a more modern way?


Theme dress, Merrill shoes, ribbon bracelet, Forever 21 flower, Forever 21 Love necklace

My accessories were all new! The bracelet was a gift from my friend Melissa, and I bought the flower and necklace Friday after the photoshoot. I love them!

2013-05-11_9767 2013-05-11_9769

Close up on the curls from the Victory rolls and accessories and the new hat my mother got me, for the Summer of the Hat! Also, lipstick: I loved the red they had in me so much, because I never thought I could pull off a red, that I stopped at Sephora that afternoon, pointed to my lips and asked them to help me match it. And they did! Sephora brand, matte, in true red. PERFECT.


Bar III striped dress, Merrill shoes, Forever 21 Love necklace, Anthropologie Encore Jeweled Hairband

New anthro!! Their accessories always feel too expensive for me, but this was half off plus my birthday discount, and I am madly in love with it.


Forever 21 peter pan sweater, Old Navy rockstar jeans, Keep Calm necklace, anthropologie Encore Jeweled Hairband, Bass Heritage boots

The necklace is also new – my friend Meg made it for me for my birthday! I love it.

So, the photoshoot! It was SO MUCH FUN I can barely stand it. The hair and make up took an hour, and then the photo shoot was 90 minutes. I wasn’t sure what to expect when she spent that first hour complaining to my friend about how she had been poorly treated at her last job, but she was friendly and made the actual picture taking pretty relaxing. Even when I proved incapable of making an “Ooh!” face or balancing on one five inch heel, hee. I think I tried her patience when I also couldn’t balance on the suitcase and cross my leg, but that was at the end of it, anyway. I LOVED my victory rolls, and tried to take pictures of their construction. I wore one of her outfits (nautical romper) and three of mine (two dresses and a gingham top/denim capri combo). Love love love! If I book another session within 12 months, I get half off, and I think it’d be worth it. Hilariously, my back muscles are still a little sore from all of the arching I had to do, hee.


2 thoughts on “10, 11, 12, 13 May 2013: Lead Awareness Weekend!

    • Hee. It’s a thing, going back to high school. A friend made me a card, wondering why May 11th sounded so familiar – she listed out star birthdays, etc and ended with, “Oh, it’s Lead Awareness Day! Happy Lead Awareness Day!” She lived across the street from a paint store that had had it on their marquee for several weeks. So it stuck, and a lot of my old friends wish me a Happy Lead Awareness Day instead of birthday.

      Thank you! I’m so excited about it.


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