20 and 21 May 2013: Fandom Fun

This is a crazy week! I got sick at work yesterday (omg the dizziness, I hate dizziness!) and had to leave early and stay home today. Computers are still giving me a headache. I still don’t even know what it was, outside of inconvenient. But tomorrow, I have  a crazy weird schedule, and then Friday night I head up to my parents for the holiday weekend, so this might be the last post until Monday or Tuesday!


ThinkGeek Doctor Who shirt, Old Navy skirt, anthropologie Jewled hairband, converse

We hit up one of the middle schools to get kids excited about the summer reading program, so I wore a geek shirt. It worked, brought over a number of kids. There’s one more visit tomorrow, but most of my other fan shirts are a stiff, unflattering cotton, so I’ll either try a  Harry Potter experience shirt or just wear a regular outfit with a Gryffidnor scarf I knit. We’ll see.


Anthropologie Here and There top, LL Bean plaid skirt, Forever 21 necklace, unknown hat, Me Too ballerina flats

Summer of the hat, baby. Taken right before I stumbled to the couch and stayed there for many hours. Good times.


2 thoughts on “20 and 21 May 2013: Fandom Fun

  1. I gotta say, I love that you are doing the hat wearing thing! Unless I’m on the boat (ballcap for sun control) or a day at the Aiken or Camden horse races (derby hats) – then I’m not inclined to wear a hat. I don’t even own a winter type hat unless you count a North Face head wrap fleecy thing.
    So bravo to you for actively wearing a hat on a regular basis – that’s mighty impressive!
    Happy Memmy Day too!


    • I’ve always had an appreciation for hats, but didn’t think I could really wear them. But it’s fun and especially useful since my new glasses don’t have transition lenses! I’m looking at it as one more accessory, which is fun.

      Hope you had a fab long weekend!


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