23, 24, 28 May 2013: Catching Up

I’m back! The long weekend felt long. It was productive – I bought a new car! – but not at all relaxing. (Because I bought a new car!)

Beyond being the summer of the hat, this is going to be the summer of creativity. Let’s see what I can put together with what I own and can sew (and can buy from the consignment store/Goodwill for very cheap) for the next few months.


Harry Potter Experience t-shirt, Old Navy skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Victoria’s Secret leggings, handknit Gryffindor belt, Me Too Ballerina flats

This fandom top didn’t go over as well as Doctor Who at the second middle school, but I got a lot of comments on desk back at the Library!


Disney World fashionista top, Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Aerosole heels

This top fits so much better with jeans than a skirt! I need to remember that. I wore this in honor of the Magic Kingdom being open 24 hours straight to kick off the summer and the new Monsters University movie. I also watched the livestream at work – my boss and I were delighted by the parade. I’m just sad I missed the Wishes fireworks show at night – it said desktop only, so I didn’t think it would work on my iPad, but it DID. And I found out 20 minutes too late, bummer.


Anthropologie Fluttered Hem top, Limited skirt, Forever 21 necklace, anthropologie Jewled hairband, Aerosole heels

This one was inspired by an Emma Pillsbury pin on Pinterest. I tried on my red bubble necklace with it, but liked the way the silver of the necklace matched the silver sparkles on the skirt. And for some reason, it’s hard to get myself to wear a statement necklace a lot of the time. I’m working on it.

I got a fun new polish this weekend that I have on – Sinful Shine in Alfresco, a sort of periwinkle with a bit more blue. I like it, though I think it might be a better pedi color. But I actually had a patron interrupt our interaction and say that my red and blue were very distracting but she’d try to focus now. Um? I guess she meant my orange top? Or maybe my red lipstick? I have actually had several patrons compliment the shade (plus a  9 year old boy who said, “Your lips are redder than usual.” He clearly comes to the Library too often), which is fun. But I’m sort of bewildered by someone being so distracted by my nails that they cut in to my explanation of the summer reading program! I mean, really?


One thought on “23, 24, 28 May 2013: Catching Up

  1. About the only thing that distracts me to the point of insanity are folks who constantly fuss with their nose because it makes me think they are trying to politely tell me that I’ve something wrong with my own nose & then I get totally fixated on scrubbing the hell outta of my nose to cure their nose fussing. Did that make any sense?
    Oh & folks who won’t stop pushing a rogue chunk of hair back behind their ear when it’s obvious that the hair is too short to stay behind said ear!
    Can’t hear a single word they say if all that going on.
    Maybe that’s similar to what the person has who got distracted by your nail color.
    Nail color/polish is my squeally fun thing & I love me some nail polish!


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