30 May 2013: Take A Bite Out of a Good Book

There is no way to make our annual summer reading program shirts look cute. I may take some scissors to it this year in a new attempt, but in the meanwhile:


SRP shirt, Old Navy Flirt capris, Anthropologie Jewled Hairband, Converse

I sort of love how everyone who commented here disliked the dress on me (no hate for those who don’t! It’s totally fair!) and everyone who commented at my personal blog loved it. I am still deciding if I want to look like I’ve been knocked up at Coachella or not (my absolute favorite descriptive phrase EVER) and trying to piece out my feelings about the dress from my current anxieties related to the car. Because of course my brain has tangled them up! But thank you all for your input, because you all made some very good points.


What do you think?

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