31 May 2013: Shoes!

I have finally, finally replace my black ballet flats with a pair that I like and is comfortable. (KNOCK WOOD! They’ve been great all day, at least.) I stopped at DSW after work yesterday, since my $5 off birthday coupon expired at the end of the month, and I’m so pleased. The Mias just never worked.


Anthropologie Winsor Knot dress, Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, Forever 21 flower barrette, BoC Canty Booties

I’m trying to wear clothes I haven’t worn in awhile, see if I can figure out what keeps me from them and if they are work keeping. This was my first anthro piece, so I feel sort of attached to it beyond how much I wear it. But I like it, so let’s see if I can rock it this summer, bring it into regular rotation.


Shoes!! White Cliff brand, with an awesomely cushy footbed. (Way less “toe cleavage” (ew) shows when I walk, I was tilting them up for a good shot!)

I also tried on a few sandals to see if any grabbed me, but nope. Every time I see a pair of sling backs, I always think they are so cute and so retro and so adorable, so I tried on a few pairs. I don’t like how they look on me! But I can’t get that through my head. I swoon after them on sight, which always makes me think I need a pair, but I never like them on. Must remember this.


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