3, 4 and 5 June 2013: Sparkle

Trying to dress cute and try new combinations. I think I’m managing pretty well.


Old Navy purple flower top, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny jeans, Ann Taylor Loft tie cardigan, crystal flower necklace, White Mountain flats

This shirt always makes me think of my friend Krissy – her favorite color and flower! I like the pretty, soft colors together. Also, it was 50*, so jeans were a must.


Forever 21 striped shirt, Old Navy skirt, Merona scarf, White Cliff flats

Pattern mixing! Also, I’ve had this shirt for at least 4 years and I swear, I have no idea if it’s black or navy. Also also, 55* = long sleeves and using my heavy sweater as a lap blanket at my work desk.


Bar III skater dress, ANA tie cardigan, Forever 21 Love necklace, Anthropologie jewled hairband, White Cliffs flats

Hey, we hit 70 today! I keep waiting to wear super summery things and colors until we have warmth again, but maybe I should just dive in and let the weather catch up. Meanwhile, I wore this hairband on the outside of my hair, rather than tucked under, and got some compliments. Basically, I adore this hairband and want to wear it forever and ever and ever. Best $20 I spent at anthropologie!! I am also madly in love with my new shoes, which is probably also clear. So comfortable, so cute! I’m terribly pleased.


What do you think?

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