6 June 2013: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Dressing 40s for the 69th anniversary of D-Day. I wasn’t planning to do this, but the outfit I had prepared was too warm weather for another rainy, 60* day. I improvised.


Coldwater Creek shirtdress, Forever 21 flower, vintage pin, Me Too ballerina wedges

It’s too big, I should probably try the black version of this I have, but I am feeling lazy. Overly large khaki it is.

Many years ago, I joined XM radio just so I could listen to their D-Day rebroadcast on the 40s channel – they synced it up so we were listening to exactly what happened at the same time it was broadcast. Pretty cool. (I loved XM for a variety of reasons, but that was a big one.) Now, of course, the internet has everything:

NBC’s Complete D-Day broadcast day, which aired on XM

Highlights of CBS’s coverage, including foreign statements.


What do you think?

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