9 and 10 June 2013: Summer

It was finally warm! For a few hours anyway. Huzzah.


Disney Snow White top, Merona skater skirt, White Cliff Flats

New skirt! I love skater skirts, but man, it was way windier yesterday than I thought it was. Had to hold it down a bunch. Oops.


Anthropologie Here and There tee, Lilly Pulitzer skirt (thrifted), feather fascinator, White Cliff flats

New skirt! I am pretty thrilled with this consignment find. It’s a soft blue, and the green top matches the green leaves perfectly. Mom and I figured that out accidentally when I was throwing them into the wash together and I couldn’t wait to wear them.

I am somewhat of a pinterest addict, I admit. I found a pin called Adding Color to Your Rented Home, and that spoke to me. And my many large white walls. I did get a frame for my birthday that my parents are going to help me turn from black to orange with duct tape, for my Pride and Prejudice art piece, and now I have the quilt block heart in my bedroom:


Okay, I grant you – uneven lines. I couldn’t draw/cut a straight line if my life depended on it, even with a paper cutter involved. I also didn’t intend so many colors, I’m not sure where my brain was. But I still like the effect, it adds much needed color to my room, and filled a long blank space. Hurrah.

I was at PaperSource this weekend and eyed their designer and Cavallini wrapping paper. Super cute and while too expensive for wrapping paper, it’s not for going up on the walls. I even considered doing a travel (NYC, London, San Francisco, Chicago) themed heart like the one above. So I might budget out $15 for a few pieces and then either just tape them up or mount on posterboard or something. There’s too much blank in this place. Bring on the color!


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