17 and 18 June 2013: Dresses Forever

Yesterday, hot. Today, I stepped outside and had to turn around to get a sweater. And frankly, I ought to have grabbed a jacket. Apparently this is the end of spring and we should expect summer this weekend, for real. We’ll see.


Forever 21 crossback dress, Loft tie cardigan, Betsey Johnson bowtie necklace, Sketchers sandals, thrifted hat

I love this hat. So very, very much.


Bar III Dress, Forever 21 necklace, Me Too ballerina flats

I am still not pleased with the fit of this dress. I feel like the waist should have been taken in more, and it wasn’t cleanly adjusted under the arms. I still love the dress, though, so I just minorly grumble when I wear it. I might try to adjust it myself, but not until I have a better idea of how to properly do it.

WordPress made weird, slight changes (like color, font size and placement, etc) and it’s throwing me off. I was also feeling poorly this afternoon (better now, but tired), but I am not sure how the draft of my last update post got up and not the one I finished. Whatever. I edited it and it’s all there now. Silly wp.


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