21 and 22 June 2013: Chorus

I had a little too much fun with yesterday’s outfit. The pinup place has another special going, and my friend Liss and I are going to do a joint shoot. I think this 1930s chorus girl offering would be super fun.


Eddie Bauer ditsy floral blouse, Loft wide legged shorts, Forever 21 Love necklace, Forever 21 hair flower, Aerosole heels

All season I’ve been on the hunt for a ditsy floral sleeveless top and I realized that basically, I want this shirt, sleeveless. Maybe a yellow background instead of blue.


Charlotte Russe top, Gap cut off shorts, Angel Wear Designs headband

My friend and her three year old are in for a long weekend – the ones I went to Disney with in December. We see each other every six months, and her daughter, A, has come to terms with the fact that I am the  camera lady. On our last day at Disney, she started posing and asking me to take her picture. She continued that today, so I taught her how to use my digital camera. She’s really quite good at framing. So yes, today’s picture comes to you taken by A. 🙂


What do you think?

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