23 June 2013: Test

Somewhat predictably, the 3 year old jammed my camera. LOL She saw the lens poking out and pushed it face down onto the couch, and I caught it a second too late. Oops! Well, we all know I needed a new camera anyway. So I picked up a new Nikon Coolpix, this one an S9500 (to replace the P50). It’s going to take some getting used to. I think the low light capabilities are better, which is helpful in my little corner, but I need to find a comfortable way to hold it for self-shots, without it shaking. It’ll get there.


Gap lace camisole, Gap ribbed tank, Gap cutoffs, Forever 21 flower bobby pin, White Cliff flats

Not the best color representation of my true red tank, but this was taken before I’d messed with any of the settings and it is an oddly lit area. I think it’s a crisper shot, but I’ll have to compare better.


PS, it’s really freaking bloody hot out.


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