2 July 2013: OMG COLD

I walked home this evening and wished I had a coat. High 65*, in July!!! It’s insane.


Merona polka dot ruffle top, Old Navy flirt capris, H&M cardigan, anthropologie Encore jeweled hairband, Forever 21 Love necklace, Sketchers wedges

I actually saw another librarian wearing these shoes this weekend – pretty funny, as they are several years old. But so comfortable for walking!

I had off yesterday for spending my weekend at the conference, and I am so glad for it. I was brain dead. I still am! I had two storytimes today, plus my desk shift and only half a lunch because I spent the rest talking with an out of town librarian about our tween section, which is a rarity in libraries. It was a fun day, but SO TIRED OMG.

But since I had the day off yesterday, it surprises no one that I went shopping. I hit the consignment store, because I needed to drop off the Betsey Johnson checked sundress. It hurt to say goodbye to it, but it just doesn’t fit my life. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to get things into their system – I’m still waiting to hear back from the last drop off a few weeks back. But I got the notice today that it was out! They must really think it’ll sell. Fingers crossed.

But I also had fun trying things on.

2013-07-01_10379 2013-07-01_10374

The Ralph Lauren sweater was too sheer, so I put it back. When I was going through my camera, I gasped because it fit so well and made me look so thin. Dang it! I keep reminding myself, sheer sheer sheer. The plaid is Abercrombie and I am so sad it’s a crop top. The fit was amazing over my chest (medium), and the plaid something I’d have loved in a regular camp shirt fit. SIGH.


New York and Company sleeveless blouse. Not exactly what I’ve been looking for all summer, but the color is fab and cross-season, the waist fit excellent and the embroidery lovely. $10.99, minus my consignment account balance means it was mine for $2. Can’t wait to wear it.


2 thoughts on “2 July 2013: OMG COLD

  1. The Ralph Lauren you could have always worn over a cami; the plaid crop would look great with a pair of jeans that actually reach your waist…or a pair of high-waist pants like they wore in the 1940s! (Just call me “Justify Anything Ann.”)


    • Hee! Yeah, but I hate layering, because it adds bulk, and I don’t wear high waisted things because my hip:waist ratio is too big. Super unflattering because it’s very difficult to fit. (Though I do have my eye on a cute pair of high waisted jeans from Modcloth that other hourglasses say actually fit, so that is a possibility.)


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