Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

The internet has been slowly dying at home – it was out a little on Sunday, a lot on Monday, and pretty much straight through since Tuesday morning. They’re coming out tomorrow morning to try and fix it (FINGERS CROSSED OMG) but until then, no outfit posts. Blah.

In retrospect, I could have done a nail polish post already this week – I have a photo uploaded. Rats! Tomorrow, hopefully. Or this weekend.

Oh, well. So, summer hit. 95*, heat warnings, etc etc. I’ve been dressing adorably, which you will see next week. (It’s been a week filled with sad news and petty frustrations. Some people have a comfort food. I lose my appetite and take to my comfort silhouette!) But I can still dream about what I COULD be wearing. Like one of these super adorable rompers!

I know, I know. But I do have a pj romper that is the most comfortable thing ever and looks really good on me. I think it’s the drawstring waist and cut of the shorts, which are similar to these I found on polyvore. I think I could totally rock it, given the opportunity.


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