Sorry for the lousy shots. It’s what I had!

So I tried on two crazy for me shoes at dinner today. I really like the black ones especially. Thoughts? They are4 Coach, $45 now, $35 If they don’t sell by Tuesday.




6 thoughts on “Shoes!

    • Surprisingly easy to walk in! I saw them before and tried on one, but it was so high, I figured no way. I couldn’t get them out of my head, though, so I went back, tried them on and walked and had zero problems. The heel is great and super stable, and the boot is just perfectly roomy. I don’t think I could walk the 3/4 mile to work in them, but on driving days, no problem.

      (Now I’m worried that I’m gushing so much, they’ll be gone when I head over in 45 minutes. LOL Oh, well. What’s meant to be, I guess.)

      How cool!! We do look very similar, and I am super jealous of her color. She looks so great!! I also want to try those bangs, it’s an awesome style.


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