Pretty Pretty Polish

Finally home!! I spent an extra day at my parents’, thanks to a migraine, but I am finally back.

First, Modcloth has 15% off today (Tuesday) with code WOOF15. I bought a bodysuit I am excited for (basic, but handy!). If you haven’t shopped there, give it a try! Use that code, and use this link:  Modcloth’s Share the Love. Totally fun stuff – my parents got me my amazing plaid coat there.

Second, nails! I have been hitting it out of the park lately. Have some pics.


Sinful Professional in Mint Apple.

SO MUCH LOVE OMG. You guys. I put this on on a Tuesday, touched up a few chips on Friday, and it finally gave up the ghost the next Wednesday. 8 days of gorgeous nails for $2! Seriously, so impressed and so madly in love with the color.


Yes, this is a hair shot! Which: I love short hair, but I love being able to do things to my medium length hair. ❤  I quite like this easy updo, which is a flipped half pony with the bottom hair braided, tucked through and pinned up. I love experimenting. I have hair to experiment with!

But the point of putting this pic in this post is my thumb: OPI’s Glee in Slushied, Finn’s color. (Original review here) It seemed appropriate. The bottle is a few years old, and it still gave me a week of memorial color with only a minor wearing on the edges after a few days.


OPI Hot Hot Hot

Pedi!! A coconut lime pedi, no less. Seriously delightful, and much needed. A fun summer color, though nothing really special I guess. Just cheery.


OPI DS Reserve

Love love love love!! My mom was wearing this and she passed along her half used bottle to buy herself a new one, heh. This is a gorgeous vintage rose color with amazing sparkle. It slid on perfectly, no messes on the skin at all. Also? This is ONE COAT. Granted, I had to touch it up this morning (uh, at work, shhhhhh) after putting it on Sunday morning, but one coat. Next time, I’ll do two and I bet touch ups won’t be needed.


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