Mega Catch Up Post!

I don’t even remember the dates last week. But I do know that it was super hot and miserable and I looked pretty cute. So, you know.

2013-07-16_10544 2013-07-16_10545

Gap tank, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Merona pencil skirt, Forever 21 pencil skirt, vintage pin, Aerosole wedges

You guys, it was so hot that day. So hot. And I had lovely delicious cherries for lunch, and half a cherry slipped out of my hand and bounced its way down my shirt. And then I had to button up my cardigan to cover the cherry juice stains. It was all right in the a/c, but I was dreading the walk home. Luckily, a coworker’s husband caught me a block or so down and gave me a lift. I would have melted! But this was totally Emma Pillsbury, right? I told you I’d be dressing Glee for awhile.


Anthropologie Melora dress, antique key necklace, Aerosole wedges

Look, I finally styled this dress not with red!! This dress makes me so happy, why don’t I wear it often? I need to wear it at least twice more this season. Crazy that it’s one year since I wore it when I met Chris Colfer! His next book is out soon, looking forward to it. (Also, this is totally seaosn 3 Rachel Berry.)


Coldwater Creek shirt dress, Sketchers wedges

I was so totally defaulting to comfort silhouettes. This is my favorite dress, honestly. So comfortable, so pretty.

I wore my grey flowered dress on Friday, but I was so excited to get home and get on the road to my parents for a weekend of relaxing that I totally neglected to take a photo. I needed a break very badly!


4 thoughts on “Mega Catch Up Post!

    • Thank you! I was really pleased with that color combo, which hadn’t ever occured to me before. I love when I can still make fun and interesting combinations with what I own!


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