30 and 31 July 2013: Still Summer? Really?

Twirl! I wanted to twirl all day yesterday. I love this skirt.


Anthropologie Novelty Collar tee, Mossimo skater skirt, Jockey socks, vintage 50s earring as brooch, Aerosole heels

I love the way the proportions of this came out! Perfect. I also love the way this skirt fits now. I was pretty delighted all day. Less delightful – my shoes appear to be wearing through, after many years of wear. They’ve always been super comfortable, but yesterday, they were rough and sore. Sigh. There are a few similar on sale at Aersole now, but I always loved the 30s/40s spectator aspect of these.


Gap tank, Lilly Pulizter skirt (thrifted), Lofy tie cardigan, pendant necklace, Me Too ballerina flats

Bright and cheery color on a grey, rainy 70* day. (Don’t get me wrong – I love grey, rainy 70* days. But cheery colors always look great on days like this.)


What do you think?

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