I hit the mall today, so of course had to stop at anthro. Did I have my camera? OF COURSE NOT. Had to make do with my iTouch.

2013-08-03 14.17.07 2013-08-03 14.03.42

Emilia Peplum top, Small (L) and Medium (R)

I loved this top SO MUCH. I grabbed the medium originally, but it was much too big. They didn’t have an extra small, and the small was too baggy, as well. This is very odd, as there’s not much flare on the model on the site – how exactly is this meant to be worn? The peplum seemed a little too wide for my hips, and there was far too much pooch in my waist. Size down or up, I guess, if you want it to look like the website.

2013-08-03 14.16.06 2013-08-03 14.04.42

Ruched Gingham Tank, Small (L) and Medium (R)

Another I had to ask to size down on. I love the necklace, the straps, the ruching and the inset gingham. The small fit better, but it still didn’t lay flat. Unsure if that’s because I needed to go down again or because it just doesn’t. I don’t like the dark blue lumps, though, and I couldn’t figure out how I’d style it. No go, which is sad. I loved the idea.

2013-08-03 14.14.58 2013-08-03 14.06.03

Pleated Peplum V-Neck, Small (L) and Medium (R)

Yes, I needed to go down again. These are all different brands, so I am unsure if sizes are being played with again or if it’s me. Anyway, I loved the fit at the chest and waist, but the peplum was too awkwardly puffy for my preferences. Maybe I should have tried it with a narrower skirt, seen how that changed things. It’s a snazzy, work appropriate pattern, though.

2013-08-03 14.12.00

Coralshine dress, size 6 (on sale)

I very nearly bought this. I adore the color. I adore the lacy flowers and the neckline and the straps. It felt about as shift/mod as my shape will let me wear. The material is a little stiff, and the a-line just felt a little too a-line and a smidge too long. I didn’t think it would look as good in motion as it does standing here. I liked it quite a lot, but not enough to go, “I CAN’T WAIT TO WEAR THIS!” So no go. But it is definitely a lovely dress, true to size.

And on to the day’s heartbreak.

2013-08-03 14.08.38 2013-08-03 14.08.45 2013-08-03 14.09.14

Cherry Drop Sheath, size 10 (on sale)

I fell in love, so hard. And the smallest size they had was a 10, which was too big. I still almost did it. It’s mostly too large around the bust and waist, so I was trying to figure out if it could easily be taken in. Alas, I think not. There’s an elastic panel next to the buttons which prevents moving them over, and of course, it’s hard to take in the waist when there isn’t a waist in the back. Man, but look at that back! SO CUTE. And it covers the bra to perfection! Sexy but practical! But it’s sold out on the website entirely, BOOOOO. I think an 8 would fit? But it looks very fitted on the model and on various bloggers, so an 8 might still be problematic? But a 6 might be too tight around the hips. Oh, but I loved this dress. I feel this is destined to be another Mompos dress, dreamed of and occasionally searched on eBay for.


But at least I got to Sephora and got what I needed. Plus a purple sparkly eye crayon. So, who knows how to line eyes? Anyone up for teaching me? šŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “Anthropologie!

  1. Lauren Conrad’s. The Beauty Department website has great tutorials – look there for liner tutorials. I know they did a winged one not terribly long ago.

    Yeah peplums, they can be problematic. If you have any manner of hips & the peplum flare hits at just the wrong spot – then bleh. Peplums done right are super cute…but peplums done wrong make a person look shorter than they are & for sure more wider than they are.

    The cherry sheath dress is super cute. Looks so business fun in the front & party in the back. Ok, wait that sounded a bit like a mullet hairstyle. Bad example. LOL


    • Ooh, excellent, thank you. Reading through Sephora’s reviews, I’ve learned that it can be blended as an eye shadow, too. I sort of wish I’d picked a lighter color! Oh, well, it will be fun to experiment.

      I love peplums, but yeah – hard. I feel like the yellow hit at a good point, if only I could have sized down again. I will have to console myself by wearing one that I own this week.

      HEE! But isn’t it just adorable? Sigh. Perhaps one day,,,


  2. I actually like the length of the coral dress — knees don’t always HAVE to show, and i think it gives better proportion to the dress.

    The cherry dress is very pretty. Ashley Clements tweeted herself wearing it to a first-night party at Vidcon on Thursday!


    • I think it’s proportioned nicely to the dress, but I think where it hits makes my legs look a little stumpy, because you can’t fully see the curve of my knee, it’s almost at the widest bit of my calf. The cherry sheath isn’t even an inch shorter, but I think it’s a better length for me.

      I saw that!! She rocked it. And it, again, looked nicely form fitting on her. Hmm. I wish they’d had an 8 for me to try on and see if I am chasing an impossible dream here.


  3. I think some of the problem is the shorts you were trying on the tops with. They looked baggy and with the form fitting tops it may have thrown the proportions off. You really need something narrow underneath so it obviously flares out.


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