7 and 8 August 2013: Twirly

We are in the string of August days where some of my old favorite entertainers have their birthdays – Aug 7 = David Duchovny, Aug 8 = JC Chasez and Aug 9 = GIllian Anderson. It’s been ten years since I was a big XFiles and NSYNC fan, but somehow, these days are drilled into my head. Happy birthdays, guys!


JCrew tank, Mossimo skater skirt, ANA tied cardigan, xo pendant necklace, Forever 21 flower, White Cliff flats

I love how this came out! I got this top from a friend who was clearing out her closet and I don’t know why I don’t wear it. It’s adorable.


Anthropologie Loosened Shelby blouse, Lily Pulitzer floral skirt, BP cardigan, Aerosole wedge sandals

This one is a bit risky with the pattern mixing, but I like it. The elements are about the same size, and the green of the top is an accent in the skirt. I think it’s working. (And if it’s not, don’t tell me; I’m leaving for work in 20!)

I’ve been growing my hair out this summer to give myself the opportunity to play with it and be creative. Which, of course, basically translates into pinning it up and short, ha! Funny how that works. But I’ve really been enjoying it, even though I don’t like at all how it looks down. This is what I’ve been doing lately:

2013-08-08_10651 2013-08-07_10641

Of course the tucking on the right fell out a few hours later, since it was ponytail based. I redid it with a braid and looped and pinned it, and that lasted perfectly the rest of the day, straight through my Zumba class.

Next up: I’m going to try braiding/twisting the sides into a braided knot, and maybe two French braids. I love having options.


3 thoughts on “7 and 8 August 2013: Twirly

  1. I dig the color combo / pattern mixing with the Shelby top & LP skirt. Confidence in your pattern mixing goes a long way in deciding if the combo works or not. Check out clothing from the 1970’s – talk about some wackadoo pattern mixing – it worked on the folks who wanted it to work. LOL
    I gotta say, I wish I had even a quarter of your confidence in wearing hair accessories. You really excel in that area. I wear a few strategically placed boby pins & I’m all paranoid about how far out of my comfort zone I’ve gone!


    • Confidence is a good point – as is keeping in mind the 70s, heh. Believe it will work and it will – probably, anyway.

      Thank you! It really took awhile to build up my hair confidence – I had my hot pink feather for awhile and that got me used to comments and looks, which helped a lot for trying new things!

      I am sort of on twitter – for the blog, I have @msladylibrarian, which mainly just sends links to the blog when I post, just like with my blog tumblr. I’d like to use it more, but it’s hard because I also have a personal twitter that I use a lot, and I can only be logged into one at a time. Once my role play account winds down this month, I think I can use a second browser at work to up my blog twitter time and make connections there, too. If you want to add me on twitter, I’ll reciprocate on the blog and personal accounts, too.


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