9, 10, 13 August 2013: Pre-Fall

This has been a busy weekend, working and helping out my family. And then I’m on vacation this weekend! Gah, the to-do lists!



Charlotte Russe bow back top, Old Navy flirt capris, Aerosole sandal wedges

I started off in a Merona polka dotted tee to wear to meet my friend’s new baby boy (easy to clean) and then changed into this for a first date. I think I liked the baby boy better, but I’ll probably meet the date guy at least once again.


H&M polka dot tee, Old Navy flirt capris, Betsey Johnson bow tie necklace, White Cliff flats

I keep trying to call these White Sands shoes, like the town in the Anne of Green Gables books! It was near Avonlea; Gilbert taught there.


Modcloth Glamorous My One and Only Bodysuit, JCrew button skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Forever 21 necklace, Juicy Couture choker, David Tate sandals

New shoes, passed on from my mom. New bodysuit, because the 90s are back! I figure it’ll be good for layering this winter, too. I’ve been seeing them pop up on a lot of places, but this was the only one with snaps – the rest were all leotards!! It was worth the extra $10 to buy from Modcloth and have snaps, heh. I also have learned that it really needs a high waisted bottom – not so much a problem in the 90s, but that pretty much means I have to pair it with a skirt solo or cover it up.


6 thoughts on “9, 10, 13 August 2013: Pre-Fall

  1. Bwhahaha about the baby boy comment. Was your date was just nervous (1st date jitters) or was he the “yah yah yah, enough about you, lets talk about me” kinda guy? LOL


    • Hee. Neither, really? Well, I think he was nervous. He’s a gamer guy, and he lacks some social graces (he actually asked me on our second and third dates before the first one, and again during the first one. I demurred), but he was pleasant and interesting, if not super exciting. It’d be worth another date, if it was something I would enjoy doing anyway. He seemed to think that my ability to own my nerdiness and many interests meant I was being very open with him, and he was, in turn, very open with me. At least he didn’t ask my thoughts on gun control, like the last two!


  2. Oh geez, yeah he sure sounds like he took a giant leap from “Hi, my name is” right into “So what will our grandkids names be?”.
    Props to you for giving him a second date.


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