17 and 18 August 2013: Charleston

Oh, you guys, I had the best time in Charleston this weekend!! My friend and I indulged our crafty side on Saturday (knit store, quilt store) plus visited the local library and drove through the historic downtown area, and then Sunday, we had brunch and played historical tourist at the USS Yorktown and Fort Moultrie, which was in use every war between 1776 and 1947. So cool to see and walk and explore.


ruffle dress, ANA cardigan, leggings, converse

New thrifted dress! Sorry for the pic – it was dark outside. I should have asked to get a shot at the quilt store, maybe next to the awesome Civil War reproduction dress, oops. This was a great dress, can’t wait to show it off at some point. The day was really quite cool – low 80s, barely any humidity. So crazy!!

eta: OOH! I forgot Amy had posted a pic of lunch on twitter:

BR4nSZgCUAANQVd.jpg large

Better shot of the fabric and ruffle – the lace is just in front, but there’s a ruffle of the floral pattern all around the top, front and back. Also, watermelon gazpacho – seriously yum. It looks tomatoey, but it was really very watermelony.

(I also can’t wait to show off the fabric I bought – SO COOL OMG. This place was huge, many rooms, going deep back. It was wonderful. I had to ask my friend to make me leave.)


Theme dress, Converse, USO stand

V for Victory! The USS Yorktown was an aircraft carrier in World War II (see: Tora! Tora! Tora!) and is now decommissioned and part of the parks service. They have it set up much like it was in the 40s, and you do self tours all over. We went super deep down many levels into the engine room, etc. The stairs were more like ladders and the ceilings were low – hard to imagine so many men (thousands!) running around down there. Also, it was in the 90s and humid. More like it.


Me and the Yorktown! It’s huge and very cool. I even got to sit in a bomber plane – so many controls, it was insane.


7 thoughts on “17 and 18 August 2013: Charleston

  1. Well YAH! My turf! Ya should have said you were heading here – could have gotten you out on the harbor on the sailboat! Best view of Charleston that way! Glad you had fun while you were here – you stopped at Knit too – such a fun lil shop!


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