20 and 21 August 2013: Getting Fancy

It’s hot! I can wear sundresses! Yay!

Today’s dress was not the one I planned and hoped to wear. No. I zipped myself up, applied some concealer, and found myself with a stripe of concealer on fancy white cotton. No bueno. I took it off and scrubbed, but NOTHING HAPPENED. It was like paint. I was beside myself. I grabbed another dress and brought the dirty one to work. I took to twitter and sent a plea to the general world – and tagged Jolie Kerr, the queen of clean at The Hairpin and now Jezebel. And bless her heart, she gave tips and commiserated and by george it WORKED. I spent half my lunch hour dabbing and cleaning over the workroom sink and it is clear! Huzzah! (Yes, at work. I was determined to not let it set any longer than necessary. And to run it to the dry cleaners if needed.)

Anyway. Dresses!


American Eagle sundress, Mossimo cropped cardigan, Angel Wear necklace, Anthropologie jeweled hairband, White Cliff flats

I haven’t worn this all summer, and that’s a damn shame. It’s pretty.


Charlotte Russe ditsy floral high-low dress, Loft cardigan, vintage pin, Aerosole wedge sandals

The pattern, cardigan, shoes and updo put me in mind of the 1940s, so I added the pin. I like how this came together – even though I looked utterly smashing in the original dress, SIGH. Oh, well. I’m glad I got to wear this again. Even if it does do enlargening things to my chest area that I do not require.

I’m hitting a blogging milestone this week, so expect much fanciness in celebration!


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