Consignment store dressing room!

I needed to be cheered up at lunch. I headed to the consignment store. I really wanted shoes, but I only found shoes for my coworkers. So of course, I found a number of clothing items I really liked. Let’s see!


JCrew Sweater dress

More of a tunic. Needs better foundation garments. I’ll check back to see if it’s there at a lower price.


Anthropologie/Odille plaid tunic

Love. So much love. I think it fits properly. Or it will with my normal bra and a better skirt. I don’t know. I just really love it. And it’s at its lowest price, $7. It’s waiting for me behind the counter for tomorrow.


Gold shimmer top, JCrew sequined miniskirt

I love this skirt. It’s so impractical. I think I can swing it with tights this winter at work. It’s also $7 and waiting for me. The top, I also adore. It’s shimmery, but not scratchy. it’s baggy, but I love the fit. If I’m honest, I love how it looks with this skirt, even though I know the proportions aren’t typical. I love the effect. The top is also waiting behind the counter for me.

What say you? Go back and get them all tomorrow? I have way more credit there than I thought – I would get all three pieces for nothing, plus a tiny bit of credit left over.

Also, damn, this is good lighting. I should have taken my outfit shots in there today!!


2 thoughts on “Consignment store dressing room!

  1. Man, I wish I had the figure for that sweater-dress. That looks pretty good on you, though I can understand why you’d want a better foundation. Good undergarments make pretty good into great. 😀

    I like that last one, too, even though, as you say the proportions aren’t the norm. The color of the top warms up your skin and makes you look brighter than the sweater-dress does.

    As for the plaid, well I don’t know plaid except for flannel shirts over other stuff. lol


    • I have to admit, I am sort of baffled as to how to wear a short sleeved bulky knit sweater dress. If I’m wearing a sweater, I want sleeves, right? I do love it, though, even the pouch pocket seems to accentuate rather than bulk up.

      I’ve discovered the plaid looks really great when not tied with the attached belt. I’m going to loosely tie them out of the way and it’s going to look cute.

      I am so excited about the gold and the skirt, though. I need a fancyish place to wear it! It might be too much for the theater…


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