24 and 25 August 2013: Party Like it’s 2003

The hell with classic and jazz and swing – *NSYNC reunited for 110 lovely seconds at the VMAs this week and I am still giddy.

(Shut up.)

My new jam is Some Dreams, which is such an early song it was never released on a CD. It’s upbeat and sweet, though. And I’ve realized that somehow, despite have many dozen live performances and unreleased songs in my iTunes, I am missing their first album. How did that happen? I’ll have to dig out my CD at some point.

Anyway. *grin*

Saturday I went for date #2 with the guy from a few weeks back – who ended up being cuter and more charming than I remembered. We had fun at the museum and I entirely geeked out at all the fun sciencey things. So that was a yay – even if that was it with him, it was time well spent.


Anthropologie Espaliared Tunic, Gap camisole, Old Navy flirt capris, Forever 21 phone booth necklace, Converse

I was waiting in the sun for a little bit Saturday, and inexplicably have a sunburned patch the size and width of my index finger on my shoulder. WTF? Seriously.


Gap top, Bebe waistcoat, Old Navy flirt skirt, vintage choker, Sketchers wedges

When I got to my friend’s for the VMAs last night, she eyed me and said I looked like I was from the 90s, but pulling it off. Score! That’s exactly what I was aiming for. I like to try new and slightly risky things when I work Sundays – it’s only an afternoon, and fewer people see me. I tried out my shorts/tights combo on a Sunday last year, too. I don’t think I’ll go back to this outfit idea any time soon, but it was super fun to try.

What’s not super fun: the hundreds of hits on my blog this weekend resulting from google searches about people trying to find my phone number, email, contact, etc. Don’t be creepy, searchers! Seriously. And if you stumble on this blog and realize you know me, just TELL me. I have my photograph in 99% of the posts on here, it’s not like I am hiding.

Don’t be creepy should be the cardinal rule of the internet.


6 thoughts on “24 and 25 August 2013: Party Like it’s 2003

  1. Yah it was a super short little *NSYNC reunion. Kinda odd how short it was…unless there is more planned at a later date unbeknownst to us now. Maybe they didn’t want to hog the VMA’s time seeing how they don’t have a current hit right now.

    Ew, creepy net searchers. I had a blog back around the 2007-9 time frame & a super nosey co-worker figured out I had said blog after she overheard me talking to a patient/friend who also her own blog. Immediately (according to Google Analytics) that coworker started a hardcore search (hello, work IP address) for me via my friends blog & soon found mine. She kept visiting my blog a lot. A whole lot & kept backreading again & again & again. Lord knows my little blog was nothing scathing or even interesting – mostly egret/heron, deer & squirrel photo’s/updates from the marsh & forest behind my house.
    I ended up closing down my blog when I got too busy with other stuff plus I found it all a bit weird that my coworkers knew I had this blog but no one would fess up to knowing. So it felt skeevy.
    Anyhoo, I’ve since left that office & didn’t tell anyone there where I was going to, but my friend who still had her blog reported getting a huge number of hits again to her blog from my old job’s work IP addy & then another IP addy after work hours same as before – so the same (ex) coworker went on net search-a-rama right after I quit & still does every so often. Still creeps me out.


    • I so very badly want there to be a reunion tour and more more more, but I don’t think it’s likely. I think Justin Destiny Child’d them – like how they came out briefly for Beyonce at the Super Bowl. But oh, it was lovely while it lasted.

      Oh, ugh, that is super creepy!! Why do people do that? I will never understand.


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