27, 28, 29 August 2013: Kate Spade OMG

It’s been hot and humid, so I still get to wear my sundresses. Huzzah!


Kate Spade dotted sundress, Angel Wear bow necklace, ribbon bracelet, Merona cropped cardigan, White Cliff flats

Twirl!!!!  I love this dress. Why don’t I wear it more often? I am absolutely bringing it to my next pinup appointment in October.  Fun fact: I don’t need a bra in this, which is fine, until you are jumping up and down in storytime and have a sudden fear that you bounced out of your bodice. (I didn’t. I just felt like it was possible.) Next time, less bouncing!


Kate Spade Elliana Orchid Dress, Forever 21 necklace, Aerosole wedge sandals

Another dress I don’t wear often enough! I got so many compliments on it and it really is fun to wear. Big, so I have to play with the bunching/pleating that occurs when I belt it, but a comfortable cute delight.

I also tried something new with my hair. I’ve done Heidi braids, like I did above, but this time, I tried french braiding a sort of crown on each side:


I love the effect, and it stayed in place all through Zumba. Next time, I might try using a ponytail holder instead of a barrette, or maybe braiding the bottom and tucking it up. We’ll see.


JCrew Factory Striped Dress, Maurice’s flower bib necklace, White Cliff flats

I sort of like the bronze of the necklace on top of the navy. I might swap it out for my bronze key, though – I like this neckline a lot, and feel like I obscure it pretty often.


2 thoughts on “27, 28, 29 August 2013: Kate Spade OMG

  1. Cute Heidi braids! My hair is juuuust long enough to have it in a teeny tiny ponynub. Not tail but nub. LOL
    On recommendation of a YouTube friend – I tried some Sally Beauty bobby pins & dang – they do have some holding power for when I want to make little twists to keep my hair outta my eyes or off my face in general.
    Ok do tell more about your flower bib necklace. Need a close-up of that! I’m sooo into big necklaces lately!


    • Ooh, good to know! I will check those out for sure – I usually just grab the cheap Goodys at the grocery store, and they work, but could be better.

      I will grab a pic and post it next time – it’s nice. Bronzey, not much detail to the flowers, but a few centers have little crystals for some cheer and bling. It’s nice.


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