August 2013 Back to School Link Up!

Time for the back to school link up hosted by Amber, Jen and myself!

The challenge: outfit myself for an autumnal back to school link up right when the temperatures soared to over 90* for the second or third time this summer.

The solution: deep colors, textures, bare skin.


New York and Co button up, Gap herringbone tweed shorts, anthropologie jeweled hairband, White Cliff ballerina flats

I love the way this came out, actually – it’s put together and professional (yes, we can wear shorts to work. In my department, anyway), skews autumnal in shades of burgundy and grey, but was cool and comfortable for 95* temperatures and unbearable heat indices.

Don’t forget to hit Amber’s blog to submit your outfits and see what others are wearing as we head into back to school season!


6 thoughts on “August 2013 Back to School Link Up!

  1. I agree with Daenel! My library has weird HVAC issues, so my office is usually the same temperature as outside (thank goodness for fans right now!), and the front desk is freezing. Gotta love seasonal transitions! Thanks again for co-hosting the linkup! =)


    • That would drive me nuts! We tend towards the chilly all year – maintenance loves to come see me when I’m bundled in my heavy sweater, mitts and scarf at my desk, heh.

      I really enjoyed participating – thanks so much for inviting me!


  2. Shorts! To work! You lucky ducky! Especially on hot humid days – shorts would be a godsend!
    I’ve been in healthcare my whole adult career life so it’s been scrubs – which is fabulous in that it’s a no brainer what to wear to work. Like wearing pj’s to work. Pair em with my faithful Asics sneaks or Sanita clogs & I’m set.
    But now I’m getting away from hands-on patient care & into the mngt side of things, so doubtful I can keep my laid-back scrubs look. The upside – more fashionable options! Yah!


    • My manager really rocks. She interprets the manual differently than other managers, but she says that if women can wear skirts all summer, men ought to be able to wear shorts as a balance. And if men can, women can too. And there we are. I don’t often, because I do prefer skirts, but I like the option.

      More fashionable options are definitely a perk! Most days, anyway. 🙂


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