Out and About: Fashion

My friend and I hit up the entirely awesome Fashion and Impressionism exhibit at the local Art Museum – I so wish I could share pictures, but cameras weren’t allowed. The art was great, but I really, really loved the 19th century dresses and accessories, which were just exquisite.


I read a lot of historical fiction, and I know about intricate jet beading, but it is something else entirely to SEE all those tiny beads sewn in. My favorite was a red dress with golden jet beads in chain shapes running along the bodice and skirt – I bought the magnet.

Of course, a trip to the city is not complete without a stop at the big anthropologie. This dress caught my eye quickly:

2013-08-30_11155 2013-08-30_11156

It’s the Laser Cut Fleur-de-Lys Sheath. The skirt is fascinating, with the cut outs and side ruching. I promised myself I would try it on if I found something else I wanted, too, because I was curious about what the elastic sides would look like but wasn’t all that invested since it’s a $200 dress that I can’t afford. And then I entirely forgot about it because I hit the sale room and found a size Cherry Drop Sheath.

2013-08-30_111612013-08-30_11162 2013-08-30_111592013-08-30_11165

And it is not the dress for me. 😦 It looks amazing sitting down, I will give it that. But the top was big (very roomy between me and the strap and the waistband sagged) and it accentuated tummy and thighs. The salesladies assured me that it wasn’t too small, but I just felt uncomfortable. Again, better foundation garments could help the tummy, and it certainly wasn’t so tight that I couldn’t walk, sit or breathe. It just wasn’t made for my shape. SIGH. Better to know, I suppose.

I’m still intrigued by that laser cut dress, though. Maybe next time.


4 thoughts on “Out and About: Fashion

    • The problem is that the way it’s constructed, it’s hard to take in. Not impossible, just difficult, with the lack of back and the elastic on both sides of the back strap. It’d bring the dress price up to at least $85 or $90, based on the price of taking in a very simple dress this spring. Also, I don’t own Spanx because they make clothes less fun. I’d rather find a dress that fit me rather than making myself fit the dress. it probably even looked fine as was, but I’d be self-conscious and that’s no fun!!


  1. Oh the cherry dress is a super cute dress. I agree with the comment about wearing shapewear & getting the dress altered…but there will be so many easier dresses to love without having to go thru any extra effort that will fit & flatter instantly!


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