Pin-up Fun!

So, remember how I went for a pin up photo shoot for my birthday this year? I finally decided which photos I wanted the digital rights to. I picked 5 of the 20, aiming for my favorite of each outfit plus the one close up.

I then had so much fun creating a new banner for the blog that I created five and set them to random – every time you refresh, new banner and photo, heh. I also used this time to give it a new design refresh. It feels retro and autumnal, a great combination.


The first shot of the session and, of course, the best. You all know my love for the nautical look, so I was thrilled to see this romper in her closet.


The best this dress has ever looked! She’d actually given this one as a freebie on Facebook, but FB diluted the quality and I really did like this one best of all the poses in this dress. It entirely hid the dress’s fit issues.


I love this outfit combo, but I had a hard time balancing in the shoes – there was a cute one of me on the old time phone, but I was falling off balance. And there was a really fantastic one of me sitting on a suitcase, but the look on my face clearly demonstrated that I was falling off the suitcase. I’m glad there was an on the floor option for this outfit. (PS, the shoes had tiny pink bows on the back! SO CUTE!)


I love this pose!! I love these shoes!! This and the romper are really my favorites.


And a close up! I wish the hair wasn’t cut off, but oh, well. The glasses look great and I love how the brown and yellow look.

ETA: A snapshot of all 20 shots:


Isn’t that last suitcase shot adorable? I love it. Except you can clearly tell I’m off balance!!

Liss and I are set to do another session in October, a Double Trouble friend package she offers. I’m starting to consider what dresses to bring this time – I think I’ll bring the Kate Spade sundress, and probably these capris again, and maybe my chorus girl shorts, but I think I mostly want to try wearing things I don’t own. Liss wants to do a pose with the WW2 bomb and probably a Halloween one. I’d really love to swing a Christmas one, if possible. (Otherwise I’d have to do one in the spring, hee. I still have my half off card from May and I am determined to use it.) I was also thinking a Bye Bye Birdie phone gossip session, or record listening. We’ll see – it’s bound to be a blast!


14 thoughts on “Pin-up Fun!

  1. Hubba hubba sister! These pics came out great! Looks like it was a boatload of fun too! I love the sailor one – very spot on! I used to work for the USN & have a soft spot for retro-nautical/Navy stuff too! The close-up w/the umbrella is gorgeous too – really nailed the period feel in that one! If you ever have more of these type pics taken – you should really go full-on WWII with an Andrews Sisters theme & airplane pin-up nose art (suppose you’d need an airplane for that one). Anyways, super cute & fun – thanks for sharing these w/us!


  2. SO MUCH FUN!!! Man. I like the photos a lot, but it really was all about the two hours of playing dress up and having my hair done. It’s such a neat experience and I can’t recommend it more highly.

    I love the idea of an Andrews Sisters theme! I bet Photoshop could be used in creating that, which would be super fun.


  3. it is SUCH fun to see these!!! I know you previewed a few, but in their glory, together? even more awesome! My fav has to be the 2nd one – cute pose, love the looking over your glasses thing, and your collarbones are stunning. (is that a silly thing to notice? LOL!) YOU ROCK, CHICA!!!! 🙂


    • Thank you, girlie!! The second one is definitely awesome – I love how out of character it is for me. I love how I look. And ha, I am glad I am not the only one who focuses on collarbones! I do it all the time.



    • Ha! Thank you. I do love how they look. The suitcase one I mentioned, my legs and ankles looked PERFECT. I’ll have to show you that one – I have the proof on Flickr. I was so bummed that my face did not match the pose or legs.


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