19 September 2013: Arrrrrr

Happy Speak Like a Pirate Day!


I am back from a mostly relaxing few days away. My outlet shopping was not super productive – I found no jeans that fit. Or boots. I was sad. But I did find tights (brown and maroon) and my first pair of yoga pants. You guys. I get it now. I have never worn anything more comfortable in my LIFE. I put them on and it was like angels sang. Being me, I can’t quite picture wearing them out, even to Zumba, but I look forward to putting them on to relax.


Old Navy striped tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, Old Navy cardigan, WalMart skull scarf, White Cliff flats

I love this top – it fits me perfectly and how I wish every shirt fit me. But I feel like Smee every time I wear it. Add in the skull scarf and it’s probably what I wear every Pirate day.

Also, hello Old Navy day, I guess.


2 thoughts on “19 September 2013: Arrrrrr

    • Hmm, I was going to say yes, but I think I only tried their cords. I even bought a pair, I thought they would work, and they didn’t. I should try their jeans, though, the cut can be different for different fabrics. Thanks!


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