Lush! JCrew!

First, a revelation. You GUYS. Sebacious Filaments are a thing. They are not blackheads! They are permanent and not actually a problem. (Google image examples.) This sort of blows my mind and changes my perspective.

Last time I was at Lush, I grabbed a sample of of Dark Angels for my mother and I. I used Angels on Bare Skin for a very long time and it always was lovely. This is a little stronger, a sort of sugar scrub, and it did a fabulous job exfoliating. (Also, a sample pot gave us at least 4 uses, which, wow. You don’t need a lot.) I don’t think this is a good every day for me, but once or twice a week? Wow. Good things for my skin. It did even more for my mother’s.

I also grabbed some Sacred Truth, which isn’t my favorite fresh mask (either Love Lettuce or BB Seaweed), but it does a great job cleansing and moisturizing. I love Lush.

So I hit JCrew at the outlet mall last week. I’ve always liked the look of their matchstick jeans, but didn’t think that they’d fit me. I was sort of right, but not really. I first grabbed 30s, and they fit, but so well that they’d probably be big as they stretched through the day. I also thought they widened too much at the ankle. I tried the matchstick cords and preferred the cut but they puddled at the ankle (and they were cranberry and I wondered if they were too 70s). I think in the end, a 29 short would have worked in either, but I did not find those and I was getting annoyed.


Matchstick jeans

I also hit Famous Footwear and found boots that I loved, but they felt too tight in the ankles. The ANKLES! I mean, wtf? They were so cute.


Santana boots in taupe and cognac.

I also tried on Aerosole Roller Rink heels I’d been eyeing for awhile, on sale for $50, but I wasn’t totally sold on them. I think I’m going to try and replace the insoles of my current Aerosole mary janes before replacing the shoe entirely. We’ll see.

And then I hit Coldwater Creek and this dress looks way better in the photo than it did in real life:



And in the end, I bought yoga pants and two pairs of tights. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Lush! JCrew!

  1. Ok the seb filament things – ewww. Informative yes, good to know yes, but ewww. LOL

    Lush. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked right by the store downtown & never even freaking noticed it being there. How is that even possible?? Such the shopaholic I am. Probably because I’m so focused on not breaking my ankle on the wonky slate/cobblestones that I literally stare a hole in the ground as I walk. Remnants of that fateful day I tripped & ended up sprawled out on the ground in all my God-given glory back in the early 00’s I suppose.

    But I digress, I placed a order recently & received someone else’s order. Lush fixed the mix-up but the wrong order I did receive was full of really weird obscure stuff I never would have ordered. Man, other people. *shudder*

    Trying on pants? That’s literally the one thing I despise more than most anything else. As much as I adore JCrew/Factory – trying on their pants (or any brand) is epically awful. I’d rather try on swimsuits that’s how much I hate shopping for pants or jeans.

    Boots too tight in the ankles – yeah I feel your pain sister. After 8, yes 8, returns & exchanges to an etailer, did I finally land a pair of black oiled leather boots (Clarks) that I can put on (& more importantly take back off). You don’t even want to know how we got those $200+ pair of Frye’s off when traditional methods failed.
    Steve Madden Troopa boots are on my wish list this year.
    Coldwater Creek. As your e-friend, I mean this when I say that I think you can do better than CC. Plus I don’t think that you (age) are their target audience. It’s not that they make bad clothing, it’s more the frump-factor that can go along with their cut of clothing.


    • Hee hee hee. I know, total ew. But looking at it definitely removed all doubts that I don’t, in fact, have any blackheads at the moment at all. My skin really is clear! This is such a shift in thinking for me, you have no idea.

      Luuuuuuuuuuuuuush. First, I am sorry to hear about that fall – ouch. I’d be pretty traumatized, too. Second, HA, other people’s orders are definitely weird. I’m glad they fixed the mix-up, though. What did you get?? What do you love?? Wait until the holiday bath stuff comes out – it’s incredible. I don’t take enough baths. This year, I’m thinking I’ll use bits of bathbomb to scent my apartment instead. For most, you can break them up and get more than one use out of them.

      Pants are the worst. 😦 I tend to be afraid to even try any on, and of course buying online is out of the question. I really want dark wash jeans, though, which means putting myself through this. I did find a pair on Modcloth that other small-waisted/big hipped people have raved about ( but I worry about my thighs and calves, which are another fit challenge. It was so disheartening to realize that boyfriend jeans fit like skinnies. I really need to commit to spending an hour at the consignment store and their wall of jeans and trying on different brands.

      8!!! egads. That’s dedication. But congratulations on finding a pair. I have heard such great things about Clarks shoes. Those Troopas are super cool, though.

      Every time I try on CC, I think of you and your shaking head, hee. I know. I was even in there for my mother, but I got seduced by plaid and pleats and the $25 pricetag. Every so often, one can find something that translates down in age (my mother just picked up a knit dress for me that is actually super cute when belted), but overall, I really need to erase their store from my shopping memory. I have at least stopped checking in there in my usual store visit rotation!


  2. Oooh, I’m definitely on the lookout for cute flat boots, too! And I have wider calves and ankles, so I always have to try them on in the store!

    And btw, I wanted to let you know about a special blog-iversary giveaway on another of my blogs, one called Reel Librarians, which is all about librarians in film. To celebrate the Reel Librarians’ 2nd anniversary, I’m giving away a Lego Librarian, and all the details are here at . There’s only one mandatory entry, to leave a comment with your favorite librarian film. The giveaway is open through Thursday, Sept. 26.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration!

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style


    • I never thought wide ankles were a thing, but apparently mine totally match my calves, heh. I’m going to try and hit my local DSW regularly to see what comes in and goes on sale.

      That’s an awesome sounding blog! Congrats on two years. I will definitely check it out, thanks for letting me know!


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