I just shared my dressing room with a wasp. AUGH.

Sorry for low posting, my allergies suck all my energy by the time I get home. Uploading and editing photos seems way harder at 7pm than noon.

So, crappy iTouch photos it is. I First up, sweater dress.



I can’t decide. I mean, it fits and it skims without being too clingy. But it’s not quite what I had in mind? But it’s cute? I don’t know. Decisions are hard.

Also, geez, I need to get my bangs back.

I’ve been wanting to find pin-up-y clothes for the photoshoot in October, but I’m not having much luck. I saw this combo and thought it might, but meh.


The sweater actually is ribbed all the way down to my hips, but it didn’t look great on me. (I did snag a photo of it properly worn on my real camera.) I love the color of the skirt (and how it looks with the white sweater), but while it is super comfortable and sittable and breathable, I think my thighs require a size up. I am pretty opposed to undergarments meant to suck you in, but maybe I should invest in one? I really like where it hits, though – just a bit under the fullest part of my calves so they don’t look too wide. Thoughts? What else could I wear it with outside of the photoshoot?



2 thoughts on “Blurgh

  1. You can always size up in the pencil skirt & then have a tailor nip it in at the waist &/or length. I always size up on JCrew pencil skirts or I can’t comfortable cross my legs for long periods of time, plus it gives me a lil extra length so I’m not futzing with it when I sit down. In turn, I have the waist nipped in just a wee bit. Costs me about $12 if I don’t do it myself (which is more often than not).
    Yeah, it’s an added extra step but I love pencil skirts & for me, it’s just the price of doing business.
    Ew, bummer about the wasp. Certainly can speed up the process of trying on clothes!


    • Unfortunately, it’s a consignment shop. No other sizes.

      I always have such good intentions of tailoring. I can sort of do t myself, but I get nervous, and I balk at paying to have it done. The one dress I paid for, it was the easiest thing in the world and I could have done it but I wanted it done well, and it’s still not fitted enough and it cost $20. Super ugh. I need to really practice again so I feel better fixing things!


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