Dressing Room, take two

Basically what you saw earlier, but clearer shots.


Pencil skirt/sweater combo. Thoughts? I don’t have time on my lunch break today to go and buy, but maybe if it’s still there tomorrow? Maybe? Yes? No? Help?



2013-09-25_11276 2013-09-24_11272

Sweater dress. The hanger shot shows the texture. I like it. The lacy bit on the tights shows skin/slip/tights a tiny bit.

My brain is utterly devoid of decision making ability this week. Yay? Nay?



These are a smidge too big, which is sad, because they are cute. Not that I know what I’d wear them with. I wish they had been in black.






Blouse. Too big to ever save? It’s hard to give up on a button down that actually buttons over my chest, but it is quite large.


8 thoughts on “Dressing Room, take two

    • True. It’s actually super old (high school? middle school? I think middle school band concerts) and just hasn’t left my closet. I’m not sure if it’s tailoring or restructuring at this point. Also, who decides to put pockets right in those two places? But it’s a piece I don’t otherwise have, so maybe it’s worth taking it in everywhere.


  1. I think the shirt/skirt combo is cute, especially tucked in! The sweater dress is cute too. You can’t go wrong with a good sweater dress! Could you get the white button up taken in on the sides? I’ve never had anything tailored, so I don’t know what it would cost, but it might be worth it since it’s tough to find things that fit in the chest.


  2. Yes on the cream top (so very cute tucked in) & yes on the red pencile skirt. Got a va-va-voomy thing going with that look.
    Yes on the sweater dress. Accessories will jazz it up no problem.
    Bummer about the shoes – at first glance they looked like my beloved Tsubo Acrea’s ( I own just about every color they made).
    The big white blouse. It does fit over the ta’s, but it is pretty big & your shoulder seams are a bit further down your arms. The bummer about a too big blouse is that it tends to slide off your back & then a person has to keep yanking it back into position. Too much effort, not enough reward.
    Save up for a crisp Brooks Brothers non-iron button down shirt. Classic. Fabulous. They come in different fits (tailored, fitted, traditional), so there is one that will fit your frame no worries. I love those shirts. Last for forever & always look so crisp & posh.


  3. the pencil skirt looks fabulous on you! And keep the oversized shirt- you can wear it in a ‘boyfriend’ style or loose over some leggings or such- casual and comfy. 🙂


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