27 and 29 September 2013: Cute

I’m guessing Friday’s outfit was a fail, because people looked at it and said nothing (except “That is some skirt,” when I said it wasn’t a Just Dance sort of outfit) but I don’t care. It’s totally what I wanted it to be – even if it probably should have waited until a Sunday. Oh, well! I was pulling inspiration from Keiko Lynn (this one too) and it came out exactly as I envisioned.


Forever 21 striped top, Merona skater skirt, Hue knee socks, “JCrew” bubble necklace, anthropologie jeweled hairband, White Cliff flats

I did get a bunch of compliments on the necklace, though.


Disney World fashionista top, Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Aerosole wedges

A Sunday work outfit to make me smile.

I also hit the consignment store Friday to pick up the red pencil skirt. I have a few ideas for it, and I think it’ll be fun to wear. I tried on a few things there: tunic and black cardigan.

2013-09-27_11297 2013-09-27_11296

I love the tunic, but it’s so dark and so little sleeve! How is that wearable in autumn? Wear it with a cardi and the pretty details get covered up. Augh. But it is absolutely lovely.

I’m debating the cardigan. It’s Loft, and very similar to the pink and blue ones that I have and love. But those are bright, cheery colors so short sleeves make sense. Black is more common for me in fall and winter – is a short sleeved cardigan wearable? I have a black one from JCrew, but it’s baggy and the flower embellishments work better in colors not black. It mostly looks bulky. Maybe I need to just try to wear it and see how it goes. But a simple black cardi might be very handy. Hmmm.


4 thoughts on “27 and 29 September 2013: Cute

  1. Short-sleeved cardi? It’s essentially a shoulder keeper-warmer. I push my cardi sleeves up all.the.time. Having siad that, I’ve never bought a s/s version of a cardigan. Actually kind of a neat idea. A simple black cardi can always be jazzed up with pins or brooches <—–I think that's what they are called, but too lazy to look it up on Google. LOL
    I'll give you props – you can rock a shorter skirt to work than I could ever attempt! It takes some hutzpah to wear a skater skirt to work! Bravo to you!
    The last group practice I worked at had quite a strict dress code for the office staff. We all wore scrubs in back, but the admin staff had hilarious rules about no visible vertical "cleavage slots" & skirts no shorter than extended fingertips when arms held down by sides, etc. It was the misguided efforts of a jealous & bitter doctor wife who suspected everyone of wanting her (eww) husband.
    Anyhoo, love the bubble necklace! So glad statement necklaces are still in fashion!


    • I tend 3/4 length sleeves, which seems to be a good middle point. I do like the idea of a simple black cardi, though, so I’ll keep searching.

      Hee! Yeah, I guess it can veer towards inappropriate. There were no storytimes scheduled, I wasn’t jumping around or anything. 😉 I’m not even sure it’s the shortest skirt I wear to work, though it’s certainly close.

      Gah! It’s those sort of rules that get mocked on askamanager.com. I can see mandating business casual, professional, etc, but dude, that sounds like a Catholic high school.


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