Rivet and Sway!

So I am pretty sure I am planning to go with the Je Ne Sais Quoi frames in blue, but they released a fall line and I decided to try a few others. I asked their personal stylist for ideas and here they are:


Layer Cake in Pink Frosting

I like the color, but I think they are too long. The shape and width are great, but the size reminds me of the oversized glasses of my youth.


Punchline in Neopolitan

I like the length of these better, but I don’t think they’re wide enough. I think they look a little small on my face. I like the colors, but a teacher librarian in my district has this exact pair, heh. They feel very 60s in shape, which is fun, but maybe not right for me.


Checkpoint in Absinthe

The website shows the frames as blue, to contrast the neon green arms, but these look totally black on me. I like the shape a lot, and the length and width work. I think they frame my eyes right, unlike the other too. I am not a fan of the neon sides, they look a little cheap, but I like the coral reef color. I think these are nerdy in a cute way and are contenders.

So, thoughts? Checkpoint v. Je Ne Sais Quoi?

I think I’m still leaning blue, but the Checkpoints are nice….


Oh, and dang it. Finishing this post and I see that they just put out four new frames this morning. AUGH, my timing!! I like the Blueprints. HMMM. Thoughts?


7 thoughts on “Rivet and Sway!

  1. Oh boy – too many choices! I dig the Checkpoints AND Je Ne’s. Not crazy about Layer Cake or Punchline either. Just not meshing w/your face shape.
    You have frames similar to the Je Ne’s right? So it might be fun to switch it up for the Checkpoints. They do look black – maybe in a diff color scheme for sure.
    I’m back to contacts AND reading glasses. Irks the shit outta me to have to wear both, but presbyopia always bats lasts. My eye guy says I need to suck it up & go full-on glasses all the time instead of being a whiney-baby about my current set-up, but I give him my first rule of fight club speech & he conceeds & ponies up my contacts.
    But I digress, what other frames you eyeing?


    • I was so annoyed when I saw the new frames pop up today without warning. LOL I would have waited!

      My current frames are somewhat similar in shape to the Je Nes – they’re brown, more angled up top and longer, but a similar rectangle. Maybe I’ll try another shipment – the Je Nes again, the Checkpoint in the pink, and the new Blueprints. I already bought a voucher for glasses, so they’re paid for, I just have to order the frames by December.

      Glasses + contacts? That does sound harsh. But as you can see, wearing glasses full time can be a fashion statement!


  2. I like the Je Nes best I think. But hmm, the Checkpoint is very cute – the angles actually suit your face well – maybe the different color would be EVEN better! Can’t wait to see the next “taste-test” post comparing 🙂


  3. Thanks for giving us a try Shelley! And sorry for surprising you with the 4 ‘new’ frames. We’ll officially launch those frames to the broader world in a couple of weeks so you’ll get to see them all over again. 🙂 The Je Nes was one of the original frames that we named. I won’t go into our naming process but rest assured that we put a TON of thought into naming our frames. The JNSQ was our second frame that we named (first was the Six Shooter named after my Grandmother).

    Thanks again.

    John Lusk
    Rivet & Sway Founder


    • Hi, John! I’ve got my next set of test pairs winging their way, can’t wait to try them. I already have a pair of Faster Pussycats that I love, but I’m always in favor of having a second pair to choose from (and have in case of catastrophe). I love the background info on names – and that Six Shooter is named for your grandmother, heh.


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