Modcloth Stylish Surprise!

I got my Modcloth package!! I am pretty thrilled with what I got.


Paradise Tile dress, large.

I went large because Modcloth sizing is inconsistent – I was nervous because the coat I got last time is definitely big on me, but I made the right call. It fits my chest so absolutely perfectly and is just a bit large in the waist and poof under. Still, I love it. I think I can swing it sometime this month – maybe for my pinup shoot on Friday if I have time to iron tomorrow, maybe with a cardigan or top underneath it for work, like seen on the site.

According to Spotted on TV, it was worn by Zooey Deschanel on New Girl and it cost $70 originally.


Statement of the Art Necklace in Peacock

Pretty!! I love that it’s statement, but not too ostentatious, like my red bubble necklace. The colors are great, too.

It’s still available in Blush, and costs $50.


What I Amber flat

I think these are going to look really great next summer with my dresses, and could probably even work with jeans for a few weeks.  I’ve never been a fan of the tan shoe, but I’ve been noodling with trying it lately – the fact that they have sparkles makes them a total win. Also, apparently they are vegan. The only price I’ve found online for them is $40.

So I spent $45 for $160 worth of items. Awesome deal!! I am so pleased once again. Yay Modcloth!!


2 thoughts on “Modcloth Stylish Surprise!

  1. The dress is super cute! Looks like a great “going out for a picnic” dress. Certainely could be worn casually on the weekend & with a change of shoes/accessories – work appropriate too!
    It can be tough to pull off tan-colored shoes, but you’re right, the sparkle amps it up.
    That is a statement necklace indeed! I picture that worn with a simple creneck dark navy, forest green or camel colored top. Let the necklace do all the talking.
    Speaking of Zooey D – you should check if ModCloth still offers the “Either Oar” dress that Zooey wore in a New Girl episode. Totally has a retro vibe you would love.
    Nice haul for $40 !


    • I’m so excited to wear it! I think it’s going to be awesome and adorable.

      I am so in love with these shoes, it’s crazy. Who would have thought? I’m wearing them for the second time today and I am so in love.

      OH MY GOSH. That is the best dress – I am such a sucker for nautical and that is freaking adorable.


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