8 and 9 October 2013: Hot and Cold

The fun of going to work when it’s 50* and coming home when it’s 75* has begun! I love the 50* more than the 75*.


Gap sweater, Old Navy skirt, Old Navy tights, Modcloth Statement of the Art necklace, Bass Heritage boots

Obviously I had to wear my new necklace!! It’s lovely.

2013-10-09_11532 2013-10-09_11536 2013-10-09_11531

JCrew button back top, Loft skirt, JCrew ruffle cardigan, XO Crown necklace, anthropologie jeweled hairband, tights, White Cliff flats

This is the black sweater I don’t often wear. I feel like the details of the ruffles get lost in the color. I was cold all morning and sweating hot by afternoon, so I was in the near sleeveless top half the day. I like the purple and green together, which is a new combo for this skirt.

Tomorrow is my pin-up photoshoot with my friend Melissa! I’m excited. Of course, being me, I totally left that red pencil skirt I bought specifically for this photoshoot at my parents. AUGH AUGH AUGH. Oh, well. I am bringing three dresses and the capris again. We only get three outfit changes and I wanted to wear stuff of hers anyway. I’ll share sneak peaks when I can. 🙂


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