11 October 2013: More Pin Up Fun!

So, Liss and I did our pin-up shoot on Friday! We each got three outfits – I did an awesome green dress of hers (sweetheart neckline, bow at the waist, Holloway brand) with red heels and my gold shimmer fishnets for a Christmas setting, an apron for a baking setting (unexpected! I tend to like to be, you know, more clothed. But my apron was more of a dress, luckily – halter top and the skirt wrapped around at least 3/4) and my own Tracy Reese dress for a super awesome setting with her old 1950s tube TV!! Love love love. Liss did a Halloween shoot, the baking and then had this fabulous red polka dotted dress. I swear, it was just as much fun watching her pose as it was doing it myself!

Since we went out to lunch after, I kept on my last dress.



Tracy Reese Revisionist Impressionist dress, Merona cropped cardigan, White cliff flats, tote bag, Tiffany storefront

It looked so great with the retro hair and make up!!


Close up.  I love the bit of height I got, and I love my hair in curls.  I think I could rock something like this more regularly, minus the side victory roll. I feel very comfortable looking very retro. I probably would have done well living in the 40s/50s, style wise.


My parents saw my post about the Modcloth Stylish Surprise and surprised me with another dress!!! We haven’t been able to track this one down yet – the brand is Ellison, and its site is locked to buyers only. I’ll persevere. But doesn’t it look awesomely retro, especially with my hair? I love it!!!!


Super 30s/early 40s.

And of course, half the fun of having my hair did is getting to wear it curly the next day, too.


See, height and curls. I could totally rock this normally, right?

Just…with less hairspray. The make up artist’s friend was there, she does hair elsewhere, and she kept herself occupied spraying down my flyaways. I shampooed three times this morning and it’s still matted with spray. One last shower before bed!



4 thoughts on “11 October 2013: More Pin Up Fun!

  1. Your hair did come out super cute! Love LOVE the new dress your folks got you – very retro & yet very hip att he same time. Nice job parents!
    Oh you wore your crime scene dress to your photo shoot too! Yah!


    • I am super excited about the new dress!! Must iron it this week so I can rock it with some tights.

      And hee, yes! I love that dress and it seemed so perfectly retro. I can’t wait to see how it looks with the old TV.


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