Winter Ideas

Winter Ideas

Some of these are actual things I want – like the Modcloth pine tree skirt and the Karaoke jeans. (I can’t tell if the jeans will fit perfectly because I am curvy like the reviewers, or not because my calves are proportionately thicker than the rest of me, and that is impeding my desire to add it to a Christmas list.) The rest are just representational.
I still like plaid and cannot have enough plaid skirts in my life (and maybe a plaid iPhone case? I can’t decide what I want my phone to look like. I’m leaning fandom by dressing it up in a sweater and bowtie ala Kurt, Blaine and William Darcy, but hmm). Also, peter pan collars. Still a thing for me. I want a rust colored cardigan, even as I am not quite sure what I would wear it with. I definitely want a short snowflake pendent necklace – why is Forever 21 failing me? Petticoats for extra skirt poof can only be a good thing. Brown boots will eventually be mine. And damn it, I want an animal sweater. I don’t even know why. I just do.
And yet I have no pull to go shopping and actually look to purchase any of these things. My bank account thanks me for this! But I sort of miss shopping. Just not enough to get myself to a store, I guess.

3 thoughts on “Winter Ideas

      • Sparks is still with us. Honestly, the fact that he survived the other day is astounding to me. He’s a lil trooper – all 7 lbs of a dinky lil Shih-Tzu that he is. We fed him dinner that night & despite such labored breathing & the fact that he can’t stand up anymore (no hind legs control) – he “sat” in front of his food bowl & ate like a champ. My husband & I are so torn as to what to do, but it’s truly nearing the end & like our vet told us the other day – you’ll know. But right now, today, he’s having a good enough day & that’s good enough to try for tomorrow. Thanks for asking about our lil bug – he’s the closest thing to a child I’ll have & he’s such a big part of our lil family.


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