22, 23, 24 October 2013: Winter Has Come

It’s been all in the 30s this week, and I was on Snow Watch Tuesday afternoon – several cities around got snow, we did not. Sadness. But I did get to use my new coat. Which, sadly, is a fall coat. Every day, I’ve been grabbing a progressively warmer coat due to being very very cold on my walks to work, until today, I finally said screw it and grabbed my winter coat. It’s cold, I get cold, and now I am warm. Yay.


New coat! I had been looking for a red pea coat with toggle buttons and then this was 70% off. I think it’s too big, though. I got a medium, but that is apparently 10-12 in their world, and that is not me. I always size up in coats thinking that I’ll need it for sweaters and layering, but in reality, I am never happy with how it looks. One of these days, I’ll stop buying coats online and actually try them on first. But it’s red and has toggle buttons and will be great if we can get back into the 40s and 50s!


Old Navy drape neck top, Gap plaid skirt, Hue tights, XO Crown necklace, White Cliffs flats

A winter outfit for Snow Watch! Happy sigh.


Loft button down shirt, anthropologie Hummingbird skirt, Loft cardigan, Merona tights, Maurice’s bib necklace, BoC Canty Booties

I wasn’t sure on this outfit – I thought the colors would pair well, but I almost chickened out. I do think it ultimately worked. My boss complimented it and said I often looked so cute that she wished she could take pictures. I laughed and thanked her, but thought that was so funny because that’s exactly what I DO every day.


Loft sweater, Old Navy skirt, Hue leggings, Bass Heritage boots

Warmth! Autumn colors and winter strength leggings. I love that it’s cold but I don’t want to go through all my winter clothes just yet. I want to save them because the cold is only going to stretch on and on and on and I don’t want to get sick of them by December. It’s a balancing act, but I’m getting better at it.


2 thoughts on “22, 23, 24 October 2013: Winter Has Come

  1. Woohoo, so glad it’s cooler/colder weather season! Summer was about wearing out it’s welcome with me this year. Some yrs I can take the heat, other yrs (this one) it irked the daylights outta me.
    Anyhoo, got no less than 2 new fall/light winter coats myself this past week. Both from JCrew Factory – my uniform supply store! Opted for bright blues with both of them too! Hate a dreary drab black coat. Totally get what you meant about going up a size for coats. I was going to out of habit, but the sales associate talked me off that fashion ledge & I’m really glad I heeded her advice.
    Love your new red toggle coat! Toggle coats are just so classic & always a good choice! Love the hummingbird skirt with the dark red (cranberry?) top – nicely done with the color pairing!
    Your plaid skirt is too stinkin cute too. Can’t ever go wrong with a plaid skirt. Ok, well minus that whole Lolita plaid skirt thing Britney Spears wore back in her rise-to-fame day. Otherwise, plaid skirts are awesome!


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