25, 27, 28 October 2013: Falling Slowly

My friend Renee and I went to see Once: The Musical on Sunday. You guys. Hilarious and heartbreaking and wonderful. It was also a perfect autumn day – a lovely, crisp 50*. Witness:


I am all in favor of extending the holiday season, but I was pretty surprised to see the trumpets out at Macys! And yes, some dressing room shots at anthropologie will come this week. Meanwhile!


Ellison dress, Kate Spade beaded Kati cardigan, tights, Liz Claibourne boots

Friday was a weird morning. I was trying to buy tickets to see Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special in theaters in November, but they were having issues, and I did things out of order to try and get the tickets, and then I finally showered and got dressed fast to get back to the tickets and heard POP as the bottom button of the dress landed on the floor. SIGH.  At least it’s the bottom one and less noticeable? I have it, I’ll resew it. but even though it is collar overload, I loved the look of this new Kate Spade cardigan (cashmere! $250 off!) with the color of the dress.


Jones New York tie sweater, JCrew pleated skirt, Bass Heritage boots

Perfect with a medium weight coat! Though I was cold in the theater, go figure. But the show was just lovely. If you get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it! I would have given anything to see Arthur Darvill playing the Guy, but Stuart Ward was impeccable.



Glamorous bodysuit, JCrew button down skirt, anthropologie cardigan, Liz Claibourne boots

This is somewhat inspired by Roza’s outfit in the show yesterday – at least the a-line mini-skirt, black tights and black boots, anyway. And funny thing, these tights were falling down all day yesterday and yet fit perfectly today. TIGHTS. What is up with them?



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