29, 30, 31 October 2013: It’s the Great Pumpkin Day

Did you all find your local most sincere pumpkin patch? Today is warm but very rainy, which sucks for the kids and the Great Pumpkin.


Sweet Pea tunic, Old Navy Rock Star jeggings, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Angel Wear bow necklace, White Cliff flats

I love these jeans but they are hard to wear when I am feeling body conscious, as I have been lately. Layering a tunic over it helped immensely. (Also, my feet were so cold, ha.)


Abercrombie and Fitch sweater, Merona pencil skirt, Loft cardigan, Merona tights, Coldwater Creek necklace, BoC Canty Booties

I love how this skirt can be so springy and summery, yet also great for fall. Very flexible coral color.


Glamorous bodysuit, Spider web skirt, pumpkin necklace, skeleton rose brooch

I am not really a fan of dressing up (I am too cheap to buy a costume and too perfectionist to cobble one together), but I love dressing Halloweeny. Check the awesome clip my Dad bought me:


It’s an alligator clip, so it could also go on my hair. I keep moving it around. It clips best in the center, but then I have a rose in the middle of my head. I could clip it to the side, though, and secure that braid better. Hmm.


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