Rivet and Sway, Round 3!

I am bound and determined to find my perfect glasses!! And I think I’ve succeeded. Let’s see.


Character Study, in mardi gras.

Friends, I LOVE THESE. SO MUCH. And yet? THEY DO NOT FIT. Woe. They are mediums, I doubled checked. And yet they are very snug at my temples and behind my ears. They very clearly spring back to a narrower shape when I slide them off. Massive disappointment.


Je Ne Sais Quois in Amber Glow

These are the ones I’ve had in mind to get, though in blue. That color isn’t available for home try ons anymore, so I went with the brown just to retest the shape and fit. I do love these. I like the rectangle shape, and I like the little dots at the ridge. I could totally rock these.



Blueprints in Ink Blot

But look at these! They are a brand new shape, vague cat-eye, not so large that they touch my cheeks and a brand new shape I’ve never worn before. And, also, purple! With also blue arms. Let’s get a bit of attitude going here:





I think I love these enough to choose them.

Unless they are too big for my face?


(Previous rounds of try ons: Layer Cake/Punchline/Checkpoint, andTusk/Petite Allegro/Je NeSais Quois in blue)


2 thoughts on “Rivet and Sway, Round 3!

  1. The Character Study frames look great with the no-frame bottom style. Really opens up your face. Wonder if you could go up a size?
    The Je Ne’s are also cute. Kinda similar to pairs you already wear maybe?
    The Blueprints would be a goods tyle as well. I dig the subtle cat-eye tilt to the frames too.
    Hrmmm. Kinda digging the Character Study frames the most. Actually the order that the photo’s are in (C S, Je Ne, B) would be the order I’d choose.
    But then again, the Blueprints are really cute….


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