3 November 2013: A Wicked Good Time

Today is Day 3 of 9 straight days off – I had vacation days to burn, so  I landed a full week off. I’m not going anywhere, I just intend to stay around, work on Christmas crafts, catch up on reading, etc. I meant to start sewing today, but instead, I was on the couch feeling ick. At least I had the new Bridget Jones book to keep my company.

But yesterday, I went downtown. See?


Christmas at Macy’s! Wicked! Could a day get more perfect? Not likely. It was my second time seeing the show, and I loved it almost as much. (Nothing can quite measure up to seeing it for the first time and not knowing what to expect.) It was super fun, and I loved seeing Kim Zimmer outside her role as Reva on Guiding Light. I also loved seeing Curt Hansen as Fiyero, because I’d seen him touring as Gabe in Next to Normal a few years back – I’ve never gotten to see a stage actor in different roles before, so that was exciting. I felt like a real theater fan. 😉

As for what I wore?

2013-11-03 13.29.58

Forever 21 sweater, JCrew button skirt, Steve Madden coat, Forever 21 beret, handknit Oh My God John Barrowman scarf, Merona tights, BoC Canty Booties

Emerald, of course.

Ugh to the bunchy skirt. At least it wasn’t obscene. It kept twisting and bunching up high as I walked, which is not its norm. Thank God my coat is long enough to hide that from other walkers. LOL!


3 thoughts on “3 November 2013: A Wicked Good Time

  1. Have fun on your week off! My mom and I went to quilt stores last weekend and I promised to be her personnel trainer for quilting so she gets some of her projects done.


    • Ha, awesome! I’ve been practicing quilting by sewing little ornaments and it’s been fun. We need to find a date for dinner for Christmas soon – can we find a Tuesday night? The mall, maybe?


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