11 and 12 November 2013: SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW

I’ve been singing Snow from White Christmas all week. It snowed Monday and was absolutely glorious, and there’s even still some on the grass days later. Bliss.



Gap sweater, Kate Spade Jillian skirt, Old Navy tights, vintage 50s earring as brooch, Forever 21 necklace, anthropologie jeweled hairband, Liz Claibourne boots

My first day back at work, it was a school’s out day, I spent the entire morning on the reference desk and I stayed in the best mood. Obviously it was a more rejuvenating vacation than I had thought!! Then it snowed right at the tail end of my lunch hour, so I could hop up to take a long walk, get a peppermint white hot chocolate and take pictures. Sheer perfection.

It started like this: Big fat flakes, mixed with a bit of ice and rain.

2013-11-11 13.50.30

Then, it was all big fluffy snowflakes and it stuck:

2013-11-11 16.35.26

When I walked home, I got a great view of snow on leaves, which is not typical in these parts. By the time we get measurable snow like this, trees are usually bare:


2013-11-11 17.52.12

And then when I walked in the next morning, there was STILL SNOW!

2013-11-13 12.33.41

Happy happy sigh. A coworker of mine explained it to a new staff member as, “Farmers need the rain and Shelley needs the snow. It’s just the way it is.” Fair enough.



H&M polka dot dress with belt, H&M cardigan, Nordstrom tights, vintage key necklace Bass Heritage boots

I was all raspy and coughing all day, which was super exhausting. You can tell.


2 thoughts on “11 and 12 November 2013: SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW

  1. Oh gosh snow! I’m so hoping we get snow this season. Only lasts for a few hours in daylight, but still, so fun for everyone especially the little kids in our neighborhood who rarely (if ever) see snow.
    Btw, the polka dot is so cute on you!


    • SNOW. It’s so fun! Kids were running all over, and catching flakes on their tongues. I love it! I will knock wood that you get a little bit, too!

      And thanks – I don’t know why I so rarely wear it, because it’s so fun to wear.


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