13 November 2013: Relaxed

So, yes. I am voiceless. This is not an ideal situation – try being a non-talking librarian. Pretty impossible. I was super lucky to not be scheduled for the desk today and am knocking every piece of wood around that my voice is back for the workshop I am leading on Saturday. (Which, CRAP – just reminded me that I put a tea bag in my mug about 25 minutes ago. Luckily, Lipton’s blackberry vanilla is very forgiving – it still tastes fine. Yay.) I’m not sure what I’ll do if I’m still voiceless tomorrow, though. It’ll make my meeting and impossible-to-get-out-of desk shift very difficult indeed.

One of my coworkers hit it BIG at a garage sale this weekend. She nabbed some fabulous things for herself (I am so envious of her amazing lined and embroidered cardigan she wore today) and found this coat, which she thought would suit me:


It’s a wool Charlie and Robin coat from anthropologie and cost her $1. What do you guys think? I like it and think it fits well.

2013-11-13_11716 2013-11-13_11715

Forever 21 sailor top, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny jeans, Forever 21 plaid hairbow, Bass Heritage boots

Why did I not remember this sweater for my pinup shoot? Geez. I dressed casually because I knew I couldn’t face the public anyway, so why not relax into it? And I love this sweater hardcore.


2 thoughts on “13 November 2013: Relaxed

  1. Wow that is a great coat! Cool find & only a buck?! Geez, they could have consigned or eBay’ed that for a bunch more coin. Bummer about your voice, or lack there of. Always happens at the most inopportune time too. Hope you are on the mend!


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