I’m not saying this is why I haven’t been posting this week – except I’m not not saying it either.
But it’s true that I currently have no voice (thinking it’s dusty heaters blowing dust at me all night now that we’re in the 20s. I don’t think I used my bedroom heater last year, just let the living room go on full blast to warm the room) and I am drinking a lot of tea.
And reading a lot of books.
And I did order snuggly fleece footie pajamas with scottie dogs and snowflakes on them.
But I haven’t watched Love Actually yet.
Just saying.

2 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. Bwhahaha – love the footed pj’s! I’m so into hot tea – it’s just my thing. Currently loving Celestial seasonings Candy Cane Lane. Got all their holiday tea’s, but haven’t busted open the others as of yet. Hrmmm, might need to add Love Actually to my queue. Been awhile since I watched it last.
    Here’s hoping your laryngitis is on the mend!


    • My pair have detachable feet and while I see the perk in this – I know I will get hot and grumpy otherwise – I sort of want a real pair with attached feet, heh.

      Ooh, that sounds lovely. I just picked up Candy Cane coffee k-cups, but I don’t think I’ve ever had Candy Cane Lane tea. Which is crazy, because Celestial Seasonings is pretty much a staple.

      It’s the 10th anniversary of Love Actually this year! I do watch it every season and still love it. Rowan Atkinson is the best.


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